Beyaz Prefabrik Yapı Ticaret Limited Şirketi was established in Istanbul in 1997. With 26 years of deep-rooted history, it stands out as a leading player in the construction sector.

Headquartered in Kartal, Beyaz Prefabrik's production facility is located in Akfırat district in Tuzla district of Istanbul. Established entirely with domestic capital, Beyaz Prefabrik makes significant contributions to Turkey's economy by exporting to more than 90 countries as well as domestic sales.

Beyaz Prefabrik is recognized as one of the leading companies in the sector with 26 years of experience in container, prefabricated and cabin production. In order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, it offers customized solutions as well as standard products. With its experienced engineers, architects, production team and after-sales service department, Beyaz Prefabrik is taking firm steps into the future.

Beyaz Prefabrik continues on our way in line with this vision, mission and values and works to build a better future.


Beyaz Prefabrik aims to become a leading brand worldwide by offering sustainable solutions in the construction sector. It will continue to take firm steps towards the future and aims to increase its recognition with its excellence in product/service quality. While contributing to the country's economy and employment, it will continue to be the leader of the sector by utilizing innovation and technology.


As Beyaz Prefabrik, its primary mission is to provide sustainable building solutions that add value to the country's economy and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. While offering customers prefabricated and container products suitable for their needs, it is committed to providing services at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. While developing products with technology and innovation, one of its most important missions is to represent the Turkish prefabricated sector in the international market and increase the country's influence in the world. In addition, it is determined to increase quality as the pioneer of the sector with continuous R&D studies.


The primary goal of Beyaz Prefabrik is to contribute to the national economy and employment by maximizing production and service quality in Turkey and worldwide. Beyaz Prefabrik, which improves its production with continuous technological investments, aims to provide the highest level of service to its customers. In order to contribute more to the national economy by focusing on exports, it plans to further increase the number of exports to more than 90 countries by 2023. Beyaz Prefabrik also maintains its commitment to offer the highest quality products at the most competitive prices through R&D studies and new investments.

Our Values

Beyaz Prefabrik's values reflect the core principles that shape business and relationships.



It does not compromise on quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Products and services will always meet the highest standards.



Open to technological developments, constantly seeking innovative solutions. It will continue to be the pioneer of the sector with its R&D studies.



It bears the responsibility to contribute to the country's economy and create employment. They are aware of their responsibilities towards society.



It depends on honesty and ethical values at work. Maintain open and honest communication with customers and business partners at all times.


Environmentally Friendly

Respects the environment and fulfills its responsibility to develop products in line with sustainability principles.


Beyaz Prefabrik, which produces at world standards, certifies it's reliability with it's quality certificates.

EN1090 - CE

ISO 9001-2015

ISO 10002-2018

ISO 14001-2015

ISO 45001-2018