Prefabricated dormitory buildings provide great benefits, especially in meeting medium and long-term construction site needs. Prefabricated dormitory buildings, which provide economical solutions as well as being of high quality, quick installation and relocation, provide the most appropriate solutions in the most ergonomic way.

Prefabricated dormitory buildings consisting of a panel system can be installed quickly. Prefabricated construction site accomodation buildings, in which insulation materials are used in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region where they will be built for living, bring the comfort of their own homes to those living in them with the comfort they provide.

The walls of pre-brabricated construction site dormitory buildings are covered with fiber cement (A1 class) sheets on two surfaces, called press panels. High density EPS insulation material is used in between. Prefabricated construction site buildings can be quickly produced and quickly installed on the construction site, or they can be quickly cast and reassembled on a different construction site.

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