Beyaz Prefabrik is able to deliver the prefabricated houses it produces with C and U profiles bent from galvanized sheet metal with its weldless construction system to its customers in Turkey and all over the world.

Beyaz Prefabrik houses were previously used to meet the need for temporary shelter, today they have come to the fore as an alternative to reinforced concrete buildings. Thanks to the constantly developing technology, the investments made by Beyaz Prefabrik and the steel parts produced on special machine lines have been combined with the panels used on the walls and turned into long-lasting building systems that provide heat and sound insulation.

Since all parts of prefabricated houses are produced using fire-resistant fibercement as well as in interior and exterior wall coverings, a fire-resistant building system is created. In prefabricated houses, along with the walls and roof, steel exterior doors, double-glazed windows, electrical and plumbing materials are sent to the place where the building will be erected as money.

Prefabricated houses, which are assembled at the location where they will be installed by expert assembly teams, are delivered to customers. Depending on the project, 30-40 cm thick single/double mesh concrete (water base) is placed on the floors of prefabricated houses by the customer.

The fact that prefabricated houses are fast, economical and long-lasting are among the reasons why our customers choose Beyaz Prefabrik.

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