Recently, due to the noise, crowds and pollution of cities, the need to live in touch with nature has begun to arise among people. This need has brought about the production of portable, small but useful and eye-pleasing decorative structures.

In order to meet this need in the best way, Beyaz Prefabrik has started to produce modular structures that are both economical and useful. Since these structures, called Tiny Houses, have steel chassis underneath them, Tiny House models have been designed and started to be produced, which are very easy to move from one place to another, with or without a trailer.

First of all, these Tiny House models, which do not harm human health, are produced with the necessary earthquake, wind load and water, heat and sound insulation.

A1 class fireproof/waterproof, long-lasting decorative fibercement sheets are used in the outer covering of Tiny Houses, whose main body structure is galvanized steel. While heat and sound insulation is provided with rock wool insulation, the fireproof feature is maintained. On the interior, the system was transformed into a fireproof module by using fire-resistant plasterboard.
Tiny Houses, produced in a modern style, although small, provide very useful comfort areas.

Tiny Houses, which include a living room, bedrooms, bathroom and toilet, offer a very comfortable living space.

Another advantage of Tiny Houses is the economic benefit they provide. Tiny Houses provide the opportunity to have a much more economical holiday as an alternative to today’s high-budget holidays.

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