Why Container Products are Preferred in Construction Sites?

The containers we produce as Beyaz Prefabrik are produced in accordance with all kinds of climatic conditions. The necessary heat and sound insulation is provided by 50 mm thick sandwich panels. Containers that have no harm to human health can be used very comfortably on construction sites.

Another advantage of containers is that they can be easily transported from one construction site to another. With the steel eyebolts on the top corners of the containers, the containers can be easily transported by trucks and lorries.

Since the main chassis system is produced using non-welded structure technology, it will not cause problems such as rusting, flowing and odor over time.

There are hidden rain gutters on the roof frames of the containers produced by Beyaz Prefabrik. The rainwater falling on the roof through these gutters is carried to the corner bollards through the gutters on the side frames and discharged from there by descending downwards.

Containers are produced as 300x700 cm/21 m2 and 240x600 cm/15 m2 as standard, but they can also be produced in special sizes according to needs.

Containers are used as office containers, living containers, dormitory containers, dining hall containers, WC and shower containers. By combining containers like lego, larger volumes can be created and they can be used in combination as worker dormitories, engineer dormitories, staff dormitories, executive dormitories.

When the need for containers at the construction site is over, the containers can be easily transported to other construction sites. Since the main chassis system of the containers is made of galvanized steel, it can be used for a very long time.

Construction site containers can be used not only side by side, but also stacked on top of each other if needed.

A1 class fibercement with 16 mm thickness is used on the floor of the containers. In this way, it provides both non-flammability and protects the container floor against water and moisture. 2 mm thick PVC vinyl is applied on the fiber cement used in the substrate.

Since the containers produced by Beyaz Prefabrik are made of weldless system, they can also be disassembled for ease of transportation and low cost between sites with long distances. In this way, it is possible to transport up to 8 or even 10 containers instead of 2 containers in 1 truck.

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